Now available on demand: Cost and weight savings at high temperatures (EMS-GRIVORY)


The webinar "Cost and weight savings at high temperatures" took place on the 27th March 2018.

Use of plastics for replacement of metal has become popular with many engineers and designers due to the reduction in cost and weight that can be achieved. Leading polymer specialist EMS-GRIVORY now offers Grivory HT "High Temperature" materials which can be used in metal-replacement applications at working temperatures well above those of standard PPA.

Compared to standard PPA, Grivory HT "High Temperature" provides greatly improved performance at high temperatures with a 50 °C higher HDT/C, 50% higher E-Modulus at 140 °C and outstanding creep values. The melt temperature is also lower – a further processing advantage.

Grivory HT "High Temperature" makes it possible to design components with very low wall thicknesses while achieving shorter cycle times and overall cost and weight savings compared to standard PPA materials.


  • A guide to processing at high temperatures

  • Freedom of Design – thin walls

  • Suitable applications

  • Hydrolysis Resistance

  • Improved performance in HT